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Limited to (4'x8') Panels

Wood structural panels with a minimum thickness of 7/16 inch and a maximum span of 8 feet
shall be permitted for opening protection in one and two-story buildings.  Panels shall be precut
and pre-drilled to cover the window openings with attachment hardware permanently installed on
the building.  The panels must lap over the sides of he walls at least 3 inches.  Don't fit the
shutters inside the opening.

1.  Fastener Size - 1/4" Diameter
2.  Fastener Length - must go 2 inches deep into the wall
3.  Fastener Spacing - no more than 16 inches apart
4.  Fasteners - must be vibration-resistant & permanently installed  
5.  Fasteners - must be corrosion resistant

For larger openings or other code approved shutters and panels please submit the certified test
report or certification by an engineer.  

For more information refer to Florida Building Code 2007 (Sec. 1609.1.2)
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New windows in Pinellas County must have shutters or impact glass.  
1 1/2"
16" O.C. Spacing
Window Behind
Window Label
Locate Fasteners
min. 2" beyond
window opening
Min. 3"
1/4" Anchors
Plywood Panel

Installing Plywood Hurricane Panels for your St. Pete, Clearwater or Tampa area home.